Saturday, March 26, 2011

Drumroll please.......

We have a name....

Ryder Brooks Walpole

We are so excited to announce our son's name. It's funny to think about the names that we considered before we got pregnant. This name was not one that was on 'our list'. I thought it would be great to use a family name, but there weren't many family names that we fell in love with.....except for Brooks. I knew that I wanted to use it, but couldn't decide how.....first name, middle name, save it for a girl......I wasn't sure. Once we found the name 'Ryder', we had to find the perfect middle name to go with it. 'Brooks' was it!

We are so excited to have decided on a name! We now have a name to pray for specifically. I am so anxious to meet Ryder and to pour my life into him. It gives me so much joy to anticipate his arrival and to dream about the upcoming years of our lives as a family.

What are some of your favorite family names? Some of the strangest?


  1. love the name and it makes a cute monogram!

  2. What a great name! You're so lucky that y'all agreed so early during the pregnancy so you can call him by name already (a luxury we haven't had with either of ours yet.). We haven't decided yet, but we know our first son will carry on the Hennigan tradition of having "Henry" as the middle name. We might have to do what we did the first time and have a couple of names picked out but not decide until we meet him.

    So is Ryder a family name, or does it have any other special significance? Or did you just like it?

  3. Yes, I'm glad we have decided. I'm such a planner, and it's one more thing checked off my list. But, it sounds like fun to name him once you meet adds a fun element of surprise!

    Ryder had absolutely no significance, yet now, has so very much significance!