Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's all setting in.....

When J. got home today, there were 2 packages on our front porch from Potterybarn Kids....


When J. called me, I was little upset, not because they were there, but because I was told that I would receive a phone call on April 13th to schedule a delivery date/time.

One thing that I love about Ruston is that I don't really worry that someone would steal it off of my front porch, but it's just the fact of the matter. Anyway, my sweet husband waited until I got home before we opened the LARGE box!!! I was thankful he waited, because it was something that we got to experience together.

The first thing that we did once we took it out of the box, was inspect every piece. If you know my husband very well, you know that he pays very close attention to detail. Especially if the box has a gashing hole in the side of it, like this one did. So, once we found that there was no damage done to the crib, we began putting it together.

As the lady of the house, I took out the instructions and began reading them as I let my sweet hubby begin assembling the crib. It definitely took 2 adults, just as the instruction manual told us. So.... since I stepped away from the instruction manual, we got a little bit ahead of ourselves and put all four sides on before we put the mattress base in.

Oops! I just thought I had it under control.

We each were able to get our hands a little dirty,and put some sweat equity into the assembly of the crib. After a wonderful adventure of working together to put everything where it went, we finally did it!!!

The only problem now, is that it won't fit through the hallway and into the nursery. We assembled the furniture in the living room area, because there are still a couple of things that need to get done in the nursery before the furniture can all go in there. That was our reasoning. Which now means we will have to disassemble part of the crib to get it in the nursery.

That is just another problem for another day!

It is...all setting in that we will have a sweet little baby laying in this crib in a few short months. This crib will hold my child, not as dearly as I will, but certainly with care. As he grows from an infant all of the way to his toddler years. May this bed represent growth for my child in more than one way. I pray for baby Ryder that he may grow into a young man after God's own heart.


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  2. Ryder's crib is beautiful!! Can't wait to see how his nursery comes together!

    James' crib was just for my nesting purposes. The cat is the only one that's ever been in there. When we move we'll have to order one that is a bit safer than the 30 year old drop side crib I slept in. :)

    Thanks again for dinner the other night. It is such a blessing to have a great meal as a family and not have to cook with a newborn!