Monday, June 6, 2011

Chunky Monkey

So, I cannot believe that a month and a half has gotten past me and I have not had a chance to blog. I promise, I will try my best to update it more often. And, once Ryder gets here, I know I will have so much to share on a daily basis, I'll just have to become a little more disciplined! Eek!

Today we went for our 30 week ultrasound. This one, we have been anticipating since it will probably be the last one that we'll get that we will be able to see him clearly. From now on, his humble abode in my tummy will become a little more cramped as each day passes. We already have a hard time getting a great 'face shot' because of the placenta being in the way (as you will see in the images).

Okay, now, this picture was 2 weeks ago, at my 28 week visit. I love this picture! It's one of my favorites so far:

And now, for the 'Chunky Monkey' 30 week picture:

I just think he is so adorable....his cheeks have really filled out. I just cannot wait to meet him and squeeze those sweet little cheeks! Who's with me? Who loves baby cheeks (either kind)?

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