Friday, August 12, 2011

The 3 Pregnanteers

So, if I would've told you last October that these 3 girls in the picture below would all have a baby boys come this October, would you believe me?

Probably not! But, it is true, so very true!

So, I told you that 2 of my co-workers, 2 of my very good friends found out that they were pregnant right before I found out. Well, this is us! Here we are!

5 weeks....that's all....just 5 weeks between our due dates and come to find out, we are all 3 having BOYS!

It has been a fun 9 months as we have been able to share the joys and pain of pregnancy. The 3 of us, it just seemed like a dream....we kept pinching ourselves, trying to figure out how all 3 of us ended up pregnant at the same time.

Here are a couple of pics throughout our 9 month journey together:

Our 'Triple Baby Shower' that was hosted by our work family!

The 3 of us during our 'Triple Maternity Shoot'!

We love our BOYS and we love our BULLDOGS!

So, Bryce Rylan Busby and John Mark Jeffords have already made their entrance into the world, we are just waiting on the arrival of Ryder Brooks Walpole. We can't wait for play dates and birthday parties! So thankful to share this journey with 2 great girls!!!!

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  1. This is awesome Blair...tell your son to hurry up already!

    Marcy Holt, The Times