Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Baby Story

Day 1 of making up for lost time:

So, I don't think I've ever shared our story....that is, our Baby Story.
Disclaimer: This is a little personal....

When we got married June of 2006, we had decided that we were going to wait 3 years before we starting trying to have kids. Two years in, we couldn't stand it. Both of us adore children and we knew that were were ready to begin the journey to parenthood. Lo and behold, God had other plans. It's odd how sometimes how something you want so badly can be something that you have absolutely no control of it. Things can be so far out of our hands, but held so closely to our hearts.

So, the journey continued...

First, I wanted to make sure that I found the right doctor. An OB/GYN is not really the type of doctor you want to keep 'testing' out to find the right one. But, it did take a while for me to find one that I was truly comfortable with and was confident was working with me/us through our fertility journey. I absolutely love my doctor and his staff. They have been so supportive throughout this trying time in our lives.

We went through some testing, did 3 rounds of aggressive fertility treatments, and finally after 2 years of 'trying', we decided to pursue a diagnostic laparoscopy. If you don't know, this is a surgical procedure to evaluate and determine if there was anything going on in the abdomen/pelvis that would prevent pregnancy to occur. During this outpatient surgery, Dr. Smith found 2 cysts, one on each of my ovaries along with twisted Fallopian tubes. Well, folks....I think we found a problem. Post-operation, Dr. Smith encouraged us to give it couple of months to see if we were able to get pregnant; if not, we would add the fertility treatments back in.

Well, the surgery was on November 30th. Since the surgery, I was doing fine, just praying that we were able to fix the problem. My desire to have children deepened more and more each day as the void continued. It was very, very bittersweet to watch some of my very close friends experience the joy of pregnancy and childbirth. I kept thinking 'My day will come!'.

Days went by, and I hadn't received a visit from my anticipated 'monthly visitor'. I inquired to my doctors office, and they said that the surgery can throw off my cycle and to just give it time for my body to adjust from the surgery. My body needed time, and so I gave it time. How much time is too much time, you ask? I gave it about 3 weeks. During which 2 of my closest friends/co-workers both informed me that they were expecting (that is a whole 'nother story for another day). My friendly Nurse Practitioner friend grabbed a pregnancy test and laid it on my desk....encouraging me to take it. Now, remember, I've been trying for 2 years; pregnancy tests are NOT my friend. So, I avoided it........I'd think about it after lunch.

After sitting through our weekly family lunch at Dowling's, not uttering a 'peep' about why I don't have an appetite or why my teeth are chattering, I returned to my desk and looked under the paper where I hid the was just staring at me. I bit the bullet.
Snuck away to the restroom, and before I could walk back into my office door, TWO little pink lines appeared! Now, remember, I know how these things work.....they take FOREVER to develop just one little pink line, much less TWO!!! Needless to say, I couldn't contain my excitement.....much less believe my eyes!

You're thinking, I bet you can't wait to tell J.! I couldn't, but I think my utter amazement caused the order of telling people to get mixed up just a little bit. I was literally BURSTING at the seams!!!! Sarah, one of my expectant co-workers, was talking to a client.....and I rudely (not on purpose, of course) interrupted and practically forced her to come into our office at that very instance. I couldn't help it.....I opened the palms of my hands to reveal the most amazing miracle! She was ecstatic....we were like kids in a candy shop, jumping up and down, screaming (as loudly as you can when you work in a spa), and we shared tears of joy!

Only God knows the specifics of this magical journey, but I know that His hand was instrumental in helping create the miracle that I will be meeting in the next few days. I cannot express enough how blessed I feel to be loved and protected by a faithful God.

You know, my life has always proved to follow the motto: "Third time's a Charm!". And, here, I will agree....3 years later, after months of anticipation, my little one, our little miracle will be joining our family.

i am blessed.


  1. So excited for you!!!! Can't believe you will be holding your baby boy any day now! Prayers for a quick & easy delivery!

  2. Thanks Emery!!!! We can't wait!!!