Monday, August 15, 2011

Picture Perfect

So, todays blog post is a montage of Maternity pictures! I've been super busy today with work, and then once J. got home, he was ready for supper (which I didn't have prepared...that's another story for another day), then we ate dinner, headed to Louisiana Tech football practice (yes, 9 months pregnant....I'm devoted!). We got home, fixed a little bit of Tech Dairy yogurt (R.I.P. Tech Dairy), J. hung a shelf in Ryders room while I caught up on Big Brother, then I folded a load of laundry (trying to stay ahead before Ryder's arrival), and NOW, I'm FINALLY getting around to trying to meet my daily blog deadline.....I hope you enjoy!

Okay, so the first batch of them were taken by my fabulous cousin, Alyce Blackstone. She is a mom of 3 and enjoys doing photography on the side. I was so grateful when she offered to take our pictures. And, it worked out great when we were in Baton Rouge one weekend!

This next series is from one of my really good friends, Amy Hough. Amy and I met at Louisiana Tech, and became very good friends when we were on Orientation staff together. She is a very talented photographer, and has started her business, which she does in addition to her 'day job' as a jeweler in Little Rock, Arkansas. Something that I am so very excited about is that she is trying to make it to Ruston in time to capture Ryder's arrival in the delivery room. She will also be taking Ryder's newborn pictures as well!

I hope you enjoyed the images!
Again, thanks to my 2 wonderful photographers!!!!

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  1. These are awesome photos. As a very proud dad and grampa to be I can't wait to see what's
    I love you Blair & J.