Sunday, August 14, 2011

All My Bags Are Packed.....

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.....

I've got all of my bags gathered in the living room, J. won't let me put them in the car just yet!

But, nevertheless, we are ready! Here are the things that I have gathered to throw in the car when we are ready:

1. Ryder's bag. This precious bag is one of 2 diaper bags that my fabulous Aunt Pati Ivey made for me! She is so incredibly even has a matching changing pad to accompany it! Okay, I think I've got everything that I need in it. I packed 3 outfits (hats and socks included), 3 blankets (one is handmade by J.'s grandmother), pacifiers and paci-clip, a few newborn diapers, wipes, baby lotion, a burp cloth, my birth plan, and my ItzBeen!

2. Ryder's 'Coming Home Outfit'. It's pressed and ready to go! This was the outfit that J. wore when he came home from the hospital!

3. My Kelly Moore Bag. It's packed with my camera, lenses, charger and memory card!

4. My bag. I've got some reading materials (including notes from our hospital childbirth class, a breastfeeding book that my friend Tori gave me, and my Pregnancy Journal), pajamas, nursing bras, pads, and cream, toiletries, a couple of loose-fitting outfits, mints, lip balm, headband, slippers, my Aloe socks, and a robe!

5. Ryder's Baby Book from Ruby Love Designs. I love this's perfect for him. I made sure to order the extra page for his hand/feet prints at birth! I've just got to remember to have it out when they do his prints....I've put J. in charge of that, but he thinks that he will be the one in trauma, not me!

6. Wreaths. Two very special people in my life (both that work at hospitals) gave me wreaths for our room at the hospital. My cousin, Alissa, gave me a precious wreath made of diapers that has some goodies for Ryder on it. My friend, Audrey, had a grapevine wreath made for him that is super-cute! Both will have a home in our hospital room and will be great additions to spruce up the room!

7. Gifts. I know, I know. I went a little overboard, but I couldn't help it. Just a small token of appreciation for hospital staff, visitors and friends. Think of it kinda like cigars, but I wanted to do something different.

8. Oh, and the Car Seat. That's kinda important. I hear they won't let you leave the hospital without it. So, J. has already installed it in the car, and it is ready to go....ready to carry our sweet little boy home.

What am I missing? What were some of your favorite things that you had at the hospital with you? Any ideas? I am completely open to suggestions......


  1. You might want a book or something to do at the hospital in case Ryder takes his time getting here. Of course, I didn't get a chance to do this, but I hear others do. :) Oh, and a snack for J so he'll have the strength to make it through the delivery. ;)

  2. Hey!
    If you are planning to nurse, don't forget to bring a boppy or feeding pillow if you are going to use one. Also, I didn't Think about bringing anything to put on their little hands to keep from scratching...we just used socks and it was alright, but I know some people have the mittens. Good luck!!! You will do great, waiting can be the hardest part. If you bring diapers that's great....but use the hospitals while you are there and bring home ANY extra! ;)

  3. looks like you have it all covered....can't wait!! oh, yeah.....bring your mom and dad....they definitely don't want to miss a thing!!! love you so much!!

  4. We brought the little baby manicure babies were born with long fingernails! Also don't forget a big bottle of germ-x for your visitors to use. I think the hospital has some, but if you have your own breast pump you might want to bring it just in case Ryder has some problems breastfeeding at first. We got the nursery to do the hand/foot prints on the day that we left the hospital, so it's no big deal if J. forgets!

  5. I love Ryder's baby book. I may have to order Bess one! So glad you made this post, I will have to reference it in about 10 weeks!