Monday, September 6, 2010

Celebration of Life

Today is the day that we celebrate the end of life of Nanny - a life well-lived. Nanny surely did live life to the fullest and always taught me to cherish every moment. She brought joy to the lives of many. She was a a motherly figure, a mentor, and a friend. She was truly a 'woman of God' that taught me a lot about Jesus just by the way she lived. She, undoubtedly was 'salt and light' to all that stepped into her path.

Although it has been very hard to accept the fact that Nanny will no longer be with us on this Earth; I know that she has been given a flawless celestial body to enter the gates of heaven and reunite with her husband, Carter and live eternally in the presence of Abba Father. May her spirit live on in our hearts from this day forward.

Today is the day that we celebrate the beginning of the life of Richard "Hayes" Frith. What a beautiful gift to my dear friends Lu and Garrett. Hayes has some big shoes to fill. Such a sweet little baby with a huge life ahead of him. I pray that this baby boy will grow up to be a 'man of God'; one that loves Jesus and and is salt and light to others. May others see Jesus through him.

As Hayes begins his earthly life and Nanny begins her heavenly life - I am reminded of God's love and His compassion towards us. His joy comes in the mourning. How sweet of a reminder of how precious life is, and the ever-so-important reminder that He is the One that gives and takes life.

May we all be reminded today, September 6th, 2010, of how cherished life really is. And remember, 'How Deep the Father's Love for Us' that He sent His Son to give His precious that life was and is.

Today, we celebrate LIFE!

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