Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm a believer...

So, I bit the bullet....I recorded GLEE and I'm watching it as I type. I really, really like it! I had a feeling that I knew I would like it. How could I not like it??? I grew up doing Youth Music and Drama, and always loved doing musicals and plays. A lot of my friends were watching it, and I kept avoiding it, but now, yes, I can now say that 'I'm a believer'! I do feel a little behind not having watched Season 1, but I'm sure that I can catch up on it (in my 'free time').

The only problem with my new found TV fetish is that I have TOO many shows. And all of my other shows are just starting back.

Guilty Pleasure ALERT: So, what AM I watching??? Here we go, I will admit:

Keeping up with the Kardashians
Desperate Housewives
Army Wives
Private Practice
Grey's Anatomy
Amazing Race
Cougar Town
Modern Family
The Good Wife

I think that's it.....

There are a couple of shows that I have set to record on my DVR, yet have not partaken in yet. The first of the two is 'Dancing with the Stars', an American favorite, yet, i just dont know that I have 3 nights a week to dedicate to it (don't tell anyone that I had time to watch Big Brother 3 nights a week). The other of the two is 'Thinervention'. Has anyone watched this one? I'd like some opinions on this one.

So, with this said, what are you watching? What do you think about my show line-up?

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