Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I am my Father's child...

My dad is a amazing person, whom I admire very much. I can only hope that I have assumed some of the many wonderful qualities that my dad has. He is completely selfless, and has been someone that I have always looked up to. I truly am a 'Daddy's girl'.

As many good traits that my dad has, I have, unfortunately inherited some not-so-wonderful things as well. One of those traits is making me miserable at this very moment; it's a MIGRAINE! I have had my fair share of headaches, but these migraines are brutal. My dad has struggled with these for years; I've just recently started getting ones that can just take me out!

Not only have I absorbed the migraines from my father, yet I have also obtained back problems. I have been diagnosed with 3 degenerative discs along with 2 disc protrusions. These issues have caused me pain, yet some of the most excruciating pain over the past year. The reason that I say that it comes from my daddy is because he was diagnosed with the EXACT same issues at my EXACT same age!

Is it coincidence? Or is it hereditary? I don't know if I will ever receive that answer.

But, I do know that I am truly my Father's child.....

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